Battery packs for the Trampa Monsterbox


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Need ultimate range and power on your Trampa Electric Mountainboard? These is the pack for you!

Lighter, more capacity and more cost effective!

Fully designed in house this pack is constructed with CNC cell trays and our own custom designed PCB meaning all wiring and electronics are fully enclosed inside the battery pack for ultimate waterproofing.

This battery is a drop in replacement that slots exactly and snugly inside the Trampa monsterbox.

Pair it with our 10A fast charger for the fastest plug and play charges available, achievable range is between 25-30 miles depending on gearing, tyres and terrain and how gnarly you ride!

Please note these are only available for UK and European customers

Jump Pack weight = 2800g/ capacity = 10400mAh

Power Pack weight = 4948g / capacity = 20800mAh / awesome factor 11/10

your battery has a 3 month comprehensive warranty, the terms of which are found here.

Installation instructions

These instructions are for fitting the battery to the latest mk4 Monsterbox with power switch.

Open the lid of your Monsterbox and note the existing loom connecting the VESC's and the charge port together.  Snip the cable tie that holds the charge port and remove the loom from the VESC's and put it to one side, you wont need this anymore.

Locate the charge adaptor that we provide in the package and cable tie this in place of the old charge port, this will leave you with a small plug on the end that you will note interfaces to the charge wiring on your new battery (wire with the fuse holder)

connect the other 2 wires from the battery to the VESC's and slot the battery in.

bolt the top plate back on the Monsterbox and go shred!