Apex Predator Gravity Mountainboard

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The Apex Predator complete gravity mountainboard - an awesome lightweight platform for you to ride with the force of nature or take it to the next level by electrifying it!

First we collaborated with the worlds best gravity mountainboard maker Haero Boards to put our own twist on the much loved Bro deck.  Sporting our own graphics on the bottom and Haero's on the top this deck is a sleek black and white shredding weapon! Not only that, we took it further by adding 3 x M6 battery mounting inserts, this makes installation of all electric mountainboard equipment easy and seamless

Then we added our awesome Apex Air trucks - our next generation mountainboard trucks with 5 degree wedge risers for a total of 35 degrees tip angle. Please choose your bushing duro from the options - more details about our supplied combos here.

Complete with MBS Rockstar 2 hubs, Apex Shit slinger tyres and tubes, Apex Bearings and MBS foot straps.

A complete rolling chassis - add our ESC case and NGB 21700 Battery and you are on your way to a barn storming build!

Add our awesome lightweight Bullbar kit for attaching lights, cameras or whatever else you want!

Total weight - 7.5KG

Lots of images in the gallery - take a look!