Battery Making Supplies

Battery Making Supplies

Connectors, PCB's, glue guides

13A charge port

A 13A aviation charge port and connector for your charger.This plug has a very small footprint that can handle a lot of current! - banish those crappy...
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18650 4P Battery PCB

A 2oz poured battery PCB for connecting 18650's in a 4P configuration.  Makes assembling batteries a lot easier and more convenient 
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18650 Glue guide

A glue guide for 18650 cells, get them glued perfectly in line!Made of tough plastic, this will last you a lifetime!21700 also availableprinted to ord...
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21700 Glue guide

This is a glue guide for 21700 cells! up to 10P.  Get those cells glued perfectly in line every timeMade of tough plastic, this will last you a lifeti...
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30A Charge Port

This is a heavy duty click in charge port, 30A current handling!Level up your charging!Full dimensions in product images
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Fish Paper (1m)

No, not for your kippers - this stuff is for insulating your batteries from one another! Anti-abrasive and anti heat, this stuff protects your battery...
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