Apex Predator Electric Mountainboard HGD

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Here it is - our Predator Electric Mountainboard!


Since our inception in 2020 we have been concentrating on providing the best parts for your electric mountainboard - we have developed lightweight performance parts that you will find all over this webstore and on lots of DIY projects around the globe.  The next stage in our development is bringing all of those performance parts together to create an epic all terrain powerhouse - we call it the Apex Predator Electric Mountainboard!


First of all we work with Haero Boards to create our own spin on the insanely popular Haero Bro; blacked out and stealthy looking but with a performance like no other mountainboard deck - this is a seriously lightweight and responsive weapon that you will see some of the best gravity mountainboard riders sending over huge airs and gnarly trails. 


Then we bolt our famous Apex Air trucks on - these are lightweight precision trucks that are super cushioned yet pinpoint accurate, they twist and conform to the terrain and provide lots of shock absorbing.  The Bushings are interchangeable with a wide variety of Riptide KranK bushings meaning you can precisely tune the trucks to how you want to ride.  Mainly riding off road but want a track setup? throw some cones on the trucks and all of a sudden its a track weapon. When you finish pop your normal bushings back in in under 2 minutes and it's ready for the trails again. When we say there are no other trucks like these we really mean it! At home assaulting urban environments or charging the trails these trucks can do it all.


Who makes the best Bindings? - MBS do.  So who's bindings do we use? Of course you will find MBS F5 Bindings on the board and you can (and probably should!) add the heel straps too.  MBS Rockstar 2's come as standard fitted with our hard compound and super durable Shit Slinger tyres - seriously tough and puncture resistant! they wont let you down miles from home! 


Underneath the bindings you will find our Apex developed TPU shockpads - cushioned just enough to provide a little shock proofing but they also allow us to run the wiring underneath and out the way.  Awesome.


Out the back we use Boardnamics Steel Helical Gear Drives - lightweight and reliable you will find these on most SGD DIY Boards - no more breaking plastic wheel gears! These things are seriously tough and sound amazing.  

Coupled to the gear drives you will find our own 6384 sealed motors provide lots of power and also serious weatherproofing, they handle the heat extremely well so say goodbye to thermal throttling. Available in 140/170/190Kv to suit your tastes from torque monster to speed demon!


Next up is the ESC, a BKB Xenith housed in our sexy, lightweight Carbon Fibre heatsink case.  If you love the data like we do you can spec Metr to be fitted to your ESC.  Metr offers complete telemetry and ride logging on your phone or watch so you can see the stats of your journey on both IOS and Android phones as well as your PC.  A VX1 thumb remote (Can be changed for any of the remotes we offer) gives precise and accurate throttle control.




Learn how to set up Metr on your Predator here

Finally you will find our very popular NGB 21700 Molicell P42a battery pack (UK and USA only) in a fully waterproof case in the middle. This is a high spec battery that is extremely safe, we spent a lot of time testing and iterating this design and we think its the best brick pack available for an eMTB.  If you want to use lipos we offer an option to get the board without a battery.


This is complete with a bluetooth smart BMS that links to the metr module or direct to your phone for battery health monitoring.  The battery can be swapped out in under 30 seconds and we can make custom lightweight battery packs to make this board even lighter. This is over 1000Wh of beautiful raw power at your fingertips. 

The battery can be removed from the case very easily and taken indoor to charge.  Need to leave your muddy baord in the garage but keep an eye on the charge - you can do that very easily! 


**Davega Screen on images not included.

We build these boards to order with the spec you like and as such they are a custom product. Once you have placed your order you will join the queue with it typically taking 5 weeks to get your board shipped. A shipping invoice will be sent separately when we are ready to ship your board. We are a small (but growing!) boutique company and therefore cannot accept cancellations on custom products.

  • Total Weight (including Battery) - 19KG
  • Top Speed (190Kv Motor)- 29.5MPH
  • Torque - shit loads
  • Range - 20 Miles (depending on rider weight and terrain ridden, we have small guys getting 30 miles on this pack)
  • Battery - Fast swappable 12S6P P42a 21700 pack 1088Wh
  • Gearing - 1:5.5 Steel Helical Gear Drive
  • Charger - 7A (can be upgraded)
  • Remote - VX1 Pro (Can be upgraded)