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13A charge port

A 13A aviation charge port and connector for your charger.This plug has a very small footprint that can handle a lot of current! - banish those crappy...
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BKB Xenith V2 ESC

The BKB Xenith is a fully featured dual motor controller for your next esk8 project! It is compatible with hundreds of different motors, remotes, and ...
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Can Cable 200mm

a 200mm CAN cable for connecting devices over CANBUS, either 2 single ESC's or maybe an ESC to a metr module.
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Flipsky VX1 remote control

The very popular, robust and reliable Flipsky VX1!Featuring a scroll wheel action for precise control of your board, mode button for switching between...
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Flipsky VX2 PRO

Colour screenOption choice for km/h and mph2.4Ghz operating band Real time data reading and 0.95OLED displaySupports 3 speed modesSupports cruise cont...
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Hoyt Puck receiver PCB

A standalone Hoyt receiver.  If you already have a Puck you can have receivers in all your Boards and use one remote for all of them! Just pair and go...
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Hoyt St Puck RC

The Hoyt St Puck has landed in the UK! Possibly the best remote control for your electric skateboard, the Hoyt St Puck features wireless frequency hop...
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