Haero Bro/Apex Predator Shockpads for 2021 Haero Bro deck

Haero Bro/Apex Predator Shockpads for 2021 Haero Bro deck

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Please note this shockpad only fits the 2021 Haero Bro deck (red underside with 3 sets of inner binding holes

We all know and love the Haero Bro, none more than us at Apex which is why we decided to partner with Haero to bring you the Apex Predator Deck. The only issue when working with the Bro deck for electric boards is there isn't a neat solution to run your wiring between the battery box and the ESC enclosure.

Enter the shockpad!


We decided to develop a semi soft TPU shock pad that conforms to the shape of the deck and allows you to run braided cable under foot whilst at the same time providing a slight bit of extra comfort.  We didn't want to go too far as we think that could reduce feedback from the deck so we made them just soft enough to do their job whilst at the same giving comfort for those long forest rides.

The pads are held in with the binding bolts but also feature two wide strips for some VHB double sided tape

The listing is for a pair of shock pads (one for the front and one for the rear).  

We also offer a kit version that includes the following:

2 x TPU Shockpads pre gripped with high quality grip tape

2 x strips of braded cable

preinstalled 3M VHB double sided tape

8 x 25MM M6 binding bolts and washers

Please note these shockpads are made to order so there may be a slight delay in getting them to you

Weight - 178g

Installation of the shockpads is fairly easy.  This guide assumes you bought the kit version and will be running power wires instead of phase.

Firstly measure and cut the braided cable.  You will be aiming to make your solder joints in the gaps in the pads at either end20211001-143624.jpg

Next, tin the braid at the tips20211001-145023.jpgSolder one end of the braid to your ESC wires (note im using fish paper here so the heat doesnt damage the deck.20211001-145244.jpgThis bit is optional, butwe like to snip the ends so theres no sharp edges before heat shrinking.


Next you want to slide some more heat shrink on and solder your battery end up before completely covering the length of braid.  We would normally use one long piece but I only had red, so im hiding it by using small black pieces at the ends.20211001-150129.jpg20211001-150442.jpg

Next ensure your deck is clean of mud and grit. We are using a brand new deck here so no issues there.20211001-150825.jpg

and place the pad on top as a dry run.  make sure the wires sit nicely underneath and tape them in place if you want extra security.  Note how the binding holes line up nicely.


Now apply 3M VHB double sided tape to the long strips here, that will give the pad more security and help it conform to the concave of the deck20211001-150844.jpg

carefully line everything up as you gently lower the pad to the deck and as it makes contact press it down firmly.  Then bolt the bindings down through the pads into the deck with the M6 x 25mm bolts and washers (included with the kit)


And thats it, now do the front too! If you have lights you can run the wiring under the front ones.