NGB 21700 P42a Advanced Battery

  • Wire an extra battery output for 4wd use?
  • Integrate into a Peli 1200 Regular?
  • Integrate into a Peli 1200 Goofy?


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The Next Generation Battery is here


After countless iterations and testing, we have developed what we think is truly a next generation battery for your Electric Mountainboard.

Available in a lightweight 12S3P 30T configuration "Jump Pack" or for those seeking top performance and range - the ever popular "Power pack" - a 12S6P P42a monster off-road pack.

Spot-welded for ultimate safety and security, our laser cut nickel fits perfectly inside the CNC'd cell holder trays.long-3.png

All Balancing is done through our custom designed APEX balance PCB, This ensures the battery is as safe as it possibly can be.


this in house designed and constructed custom PCB based battery has 25.2Ah (POWER PACK) of high discharge current to power your board for the whole session.  Incorporating our Smart Bluetooth BMS this pack allows you to monitor and change all aspects of the pack, from cell balancing all the way to temperature and discharge safety settings.  What's more this battery fully incorporates into the Metr ecosystem, allowing you to monitor and track all of your electric mountainboards telemetry in one place.

This battery drops neatly and securely into the Peli case 1200 and our up-and-coming battery case - fully future proof for countless adventures.

Supplied fully assembled and tested, to drop straight into your build. UK customers only (at the moment)

Your Battery comes with a comprehensive 3 months warranty, the terms of which can be found here

Please note as of Feb 2021 worldwide cell availability is not consistent.  Although we will do our best to get the battery built and out to you quickly, we have to extend lead time up to 1 month to account for out of stock cells.